Roll of Honour

2009  Chas Renner

Chas has been involved in Masters Squash for many years working on the committee and playing in many Australian Masters Championships. He was part of the tournament desk for both the 2007 and 2015 Australian Masters in Perth. He won his first Australian Masters title in Perth in 2007 and has won six titles since. He is entered this year in the 90+ age group

2010  Frank Bradley

One of the driving forces behind masters squash in WA setting up Friday night masters and being chair of the first WA Masters Squash committee and keeping the role for a number of years

2011  Vic Thomas

A stalwart of Masters squash in WA playing in countless state championships and winning ??? state titles. He has competed in Australian Masters championships. He has been a member of the committee for many years including a term as Chair. He was part of the organising committee for the 2007 and 2015 Australian Championships when they were held in Perth. Still runs the bar for Friday night masters

2012  Alan Applebee

Played squash for many years at a high level and still helps with Friday Night Masters collecting the money and making sure everyone turns up.

2013 Alison Williams

A member of the Masters committee for many years including several years as the Chair in 2008 and 2009. Served as Secretary of Australian Masters for many years and a Judith Goby award winner (2007) for services to Australian Masters Squash. A member of the organising committee for the 2007 Australian Masters in Perth

2014  Linda McBrierty

A long time member of the masters committee including serving as Treasurer. Linda was part of the organising committee for the 2007 Australian Masters Championships. Still organising events including the Spring teams event and the Masters/junior tournament.

2015  Ron Clayton

A member of the Australian Masters committee as Registrar for many years and instrumental in the Masters Ranking system that enables players from different states to be compared and draws to be done where players of like ability play each other. Developed the Autodraw program used at most masters tournaments, he is always available to help with the draw and the running of the tournament even though living in Busselton. Awarded the Judith Goaby award in 2009.

2016  Ron Brindley

Chair of the WA Masters committee for several years and a driving force behind the golden days of Friday Night Masters with up to 70 players competing each week. He has played in many Australian Masters Championships

2017  Ed Jennings

A member of the WA Masters committee for many years as well as a board member of WA Squash and the liaison person between WA Squash and masters. A master at organizing sponsors and getting the best deal for masters organizers and players. A member of the organizing committee for the 2007 Australian Masters in Perth. Awarded the Judith Goaby Award in 2017 and still a member of the Masters Committee.

2018 Marion Bradshaw

Marion has served for two years on the Masters Committee and in that time has created a framework for Masters that will be utilized for a number of years to come. She has managed to tidy up the way the committee works and when things need to be done. Her work will be appreciated for years to come.

2019 Di Cook

WA Masters Squash nominated Di Cook for the 2019 Judith Goadby Memorial Award.

Di has been a stalwart supporter of masters squash for many years. She plays in every tournament in WA and attends every function. She through her family business has been a sponsor of events at state and national level. She is part of every party and known by most masters players in WA and throughout Australia.

She has been a member of the WA Squash masters committee and helped to organize events, arrange merchandise and do anything that may be required.

Di was part of the organizing committee for the 2007 and 2015 Australian Masters Championships. In 2005 she was responsible for the social events and with three events attracting 400 to 600 attendees a big job done well. In 2015 she was responsible for merchandise and as WA organised their own rather than contracting it out a massive job.

WA masters squash feels that Di is the perfect example of a masters player. She loves playing squash, parties hard and is always ready to do anything asked whether in an official role or just because she is there.